Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Our sister came up to visit us in Oakland just a few months leading up to our niece's birth. I remember feeling the little one kicking inside her belly creating sudden animated spurts of energy.

Earlier in the day, we ate pizza at our favorite Mariposa Bakery and then passed by the Berkeley Bowl, where we saw these humongous yellow canary melons.

My older sister read 
Ina May Gaskin, while my younger (but more grown up) sister baked her delicious gluten-free chocolate chip banana bread... 

...which came out warm and soft out of the oven. Yumminess! (see close-up below :)

Then we enjoyed a quiet walk around the lake by these sinuous, winding trees that looked out to the bird sanctuary.

Whether it was through music, hand-me-downs, college or what professor to take classes from, my older sister always gave me a preview of new life experiences to look forward to. I remember in particular how much she enjoyed the experience of new life forming in her belly. 

Do you have a memory from the final few months leading up to your own child's birth or someone close to you? Feel free to share in the comments below. 

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