Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hayashi / Saijo Collaboration

Hayashi / Saijo Collaboration

Artist Mike Saijo met textile master, Setsuko Hayashi, known to her students as Hayashi Sensei (林先生), a few years ago when he attended one of her classes. They have since started collaborating every week to create custom silk batik (ろうけつ染めの絹) drapes and silk tie dye scarves using a 400 year old Japanese method that dates back to the Edo Period.  I documented them during production of one of their custom silk drapes when they were applying a batik wax drawing on silk by hand. 

Hayashi + Saijo recently led a Silk Tie Dye workshop on December 1st. I'll share images from the workshop soon. We're also in the process of launching a blog and Etsy shop, where you can find original Hayashi / Saijo silk batik and tie dye scarf creations. Stay tuned!

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