Sunday, June 15, 2014

Podcast Interview: The Creators of "Carnal Orient"

Actress/producer, Camille Mana, recently sat down to interview the creators of "Carnal Orient," a short avant-garde music video project exploring the 'nightmarish undertones' of Asian fetish.

With less than one month left to raise funding on Kickstarter, the project, which launched on Kickstarter in May and was featured in Bust Magazine, is a collaboration between Mila Zuo, a PhD candidate in film studies at UCLA, Angela Seo of art-rock band Xiu Xiu, and Mana as producer.

I documented them, as they talked about their project and what inspired them to create it, how they met back in their Berkeley days, creative role models - from contemporary African-American artist Kara Walker to Asian-American women experimental video artists Renee Tajima-Peña and Trihn T. Min-ha, screenings and art-rock shows, plus an intriguing spoiler just for all of you podcast listeners.

Thanks for listening to our podcast! As of today, "Carnal Orient" has less than one month to raise funding on Kickstarter. View the official Kickstarter video above, learn more and DONATE here, and stay tuned. Have any questions or comments? Let us know below.


As of July 13, 2014, "Carnal Orient" exceeded their fundraising goal on Kickstarter!! You can also check out the project featured on Asia Pacific Arts, KoreAm Journal, and Angry Asian Man.

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