Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tezukuri Ichi 手創り市 | Handmade Arts + Crafts Fair, Tokyo

On February 11th, my friend Ikue introduced me to Tezukuri Ichi 手創り市, an outdoor handmade arts and crafts fair in Zōshigaya, about a fifteen minute walk from Ikebukuro station in Tokyo. Held monthly, with the next one coming up this Sunday, March 15th, the lively and animated marketplace, set up around the Kishimojin Otori Shrine 鬼子母神・大鳥神社, was buzzing with imaginative and charming, one-of-a-kind handmade items, from woodwork and pottery to  bags and accessories, created by participating artists and artisans.


Wreath リース by marsa*
Miniature accessories by Mamekobo 

Small books by Waldsteig

Leaf earrings by Hinoho ヒノホ 

Jewelry by Lightmill ライトミル

Jewelry by Ironone イロノネ

Glasswork by Glass+a Atelie Yoshi アトリエ よし/ Lampwork: Meguro Yoshie

Stuffed animal dolls 縫い包み by matricaria 
Plant-dyed and knitted clothing by Kleine Biene クライネビーネ

Bag by BambiKaban バンビカバン

Woodwork pieces by
Miniature animals by Tagaya たがや (silver/coppersmith + wood artist Kenju Takahashi) 
Clock and toys that can be personalized by WOODWORK Kiccoro 

Wooden carved animals by Kumakichi 木工くま吉

Stained glass birds and mushrooms by Utatane Studio
Accessories by Taiwanese artist, Chihana

For more info about Tezukuri Ichi, visit their website 店のウェブサイトやブログのリンクを忘れましたか? e-メールで知らせてください:

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