Saturday, February 22, 2020

2nd Berkeley Women in Biz Meetup, Barberella Beauty Lounge

On Monday, February 17th, President's Day, we held a second Berkeley Women* in Biz Meetup with the co-founders of BloomEileen Hanshaw and Ann Wees, at Barberella Beauty Lounge.

The meetup originally began about 8 months ago, potluck-style in our backyard, and friends came out from around and outside the Bay Area, including Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and the Peninsula. Based on an idea Jing contributed at the first meetup, we went around in a circle and shared the skills, expertise, and resources that we offer and those that we desire, either to grow our businesses or to develop our personal interests and professional growth. 

Eileen and Ann of Bloom offer organic facials, waxing, acupuncture facials (a natural alternative to botox and fillers), acupuncture and herbs, nutrition support, and are adept at educating about the benefits of a more holistic and natural approach to skincare. They work out of the back room at Barberella Beauty Lounge on San Pablo at Dwight Way in southwest Berkeley, a block down from the Ecology Center.  

My hope is that the meetups lead to making new friends and connections across disciplines, industries, cultures, or generations; incubating & improving ideas; teaming up & collaborating; hiring; bartering skills & offerings; skills, expertise, and resource sharing; and moving forward in realizing our personal and professional goals.

I invited women* with skills and expertise from diverse industries. Here's Lucia Knight, a bodyworker and massage therapist experienced in the Rosen method and biodynamic Craniosacral, talking with Chloe Lin, a software engineer at a jewelry subscription startup, Rocksbox

Olivia and Janina, who met at the first meetup about 8 months ago, have since teamed up on a series of videos featuring Janina's shop, Empress Vintage.  

Thanks to all of you who came out for the second Berkeley Women in Biz meetup! A big thanks again to Ann and Eileen at Bloom for co-producing the event, and to Michelle and Sophia at Barberella for providing your beautiful space and ideas.

If you couldn't make it, and want to add your skills to the sheet, write me and I can add you. Also, be sure to join the Berkeley Women in Biz Facebook group where we can stay in touch. We can share offshoot activities led by women in the group.

*We welcome all women, anyone who identifies as female or non-binary, lgbtq+ women, women of color, trans women, femme, and genderqueer. Allies and kids are welcome.

Interested in teaming up for the next meetup? Write to

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